Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wisdom Is An Asset

There was this woman who had a young man flirting with her. She appreciated his attentions but could not take it forward for you see she was older and married and living with her husband.

One day however she deviced an indigenous plan. She decided to visit her daughter who was also married but lived miles and miles away. She invited this young man to join her on the travel. He, of course gladly accepted.

So she arrived her daughter's home with the young man in tow. Her daughter didn't understand who the young man with her mother was but was too respectful to ask. Her husband who she felt would have enquired was out of town. She twisted her hands and hoped for her husband to return early when her mother requested only one room be prepared for her and her young male.

Two days later to the poor girl's great relief her husband returned. She told him what was going on and immediately he called his mother in-law to order threatening to report the events to his father in-law at their very next meeting. The woman in anger left the very next day with her beau in tow.

A week after his mother in-law left he received a very terse letter from his wife's father summoning him to come over immediately. The young went to see his god-father and told him of the events passed. His god-parent told him he had done right, foolishly. He adviced him if he loved his wife and wished to keep her he should act with wisdom when he faced his in-laws.

When the young man arrived at his parents in-law his greetings were returned coldly. He sat facing both of them and the following discussion ensured.

Man: My father in-law I greet you mother of my beautiful wife I greet you too. Pray I have met you two in good health?

Mother in-law: Hmm!

Father in-law: I wish it was so. Let us not beat about the bush. I will like to know why you wanted to rape my wife, mother of your wife. Did we do wrong by giving you our daughter?

Man: Ahhhh my father please forgive me

Mother in-law: forgive you indeed! (scoffs)

Man: You see how beautiful your wife see how much your daughter takes after her. I was away for days and missed my wife I couldn't wait to get back to her and when I did I couldn't wait to hold her. I didn't realise my mother in-law had come to visit, you see and out of the great respect we always show her your daughter put her in our room. I thought it was my wife I was know how beautiful and young and so like my wife she looks, until she screamed I thought it was my wife I....

Mother in-law: (cutting in) That is exactly what happened my husband!

And the young man returned to his wife and they lived  happily ever after.

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