Thursday, 7 August 2014


The Nigerian Postal Service and I have had an up and down relationship, from a very happy one when I was in primary and secondary school and had pen pals all over the world. My letters got delivered and replies reached me even if it took a month, to the very sad events of a year ago when  some nifty NIPOST workers decided to help themselves to some of my items before I got there and met everyone with a blank face.

I have been itching to write them a very lousy but true review but never got around to it until someone was 'gisting' me about the changes in the service and asked me to try them again. If you buy stuff outside the country and try to ship it back home that's when you will realize there are plenty problems but none as big as the problem called a NIGERIAN.

An average Nigerian in business will show you no courtesy, no respect and if his/her business is in demand know it that you are entitled to a double dose of disrespect. First you spend hours if not days reading horror stories of what this and that shipping company did to people then you eventually settle on one for lack of options. Their websites will make you wonder, their customer service will put the fear of God in you. But know it that your troubles just got started.


I bought my stuff and had it sent by USPS priority mail from Canada to Nigeria. It had a 3.28kg weight. I checked customs on the item and discovered it had no tax or VAT. Stored away that information for when I would receive the item. The package was posted on 23rd of July. A week later (6 days actually) out of boredom (I had decided it might take a month to get here) i checked to see where it had gotten to. The tracking number worked on both the USPS site and the NIPOST site. To my surprise I saw the package had arrived Nigeria and was with Customs. Next day I checked again it had cleared customs and was at the post office. Following day 30th July I saw it had reached Wuse post office which is the post office in my area. I waited a few days to see if the Post Office would contact me but nobody did so on the 5th of August I went there showed my tracking number and was promptly given my package and a receipt for the 500 Naira I was charged.

Yes I am still pleasantly surprised on how fast the package got here. Only drawback is the cost. I paid $80 postage. The beauty of it was that not one item was missing or handled badly. In fact the package looked untouched. Just the way I like it :-D

I would have given NIPOST a perfect 10 score for the service (Please note that USPS ended when it entered Nigeria and was then handled by :-p ) but I will give them 8 of 10. I am deducting those 2 points for the dusty office, badly dressed workers yapping at the top of their voices and for having to walk into a passage way to get my package. They should have taken the tracking number, gone in and brought out my package. Ok I will return back 1 point for the large complex' (though most of it looks un-used and ill-used) parking space. Finding parking space in that area can be a pain so its a 9/10.

NIPOST WELL DONE on this one at least. I will be back again.

If you have had any experiences with NIPOST please share.

I sent some items through two shipping companies ShippyMe(Circuit Atlantic) and Luxury Shipping Lines they are both on -3 already and the stuff isn't even here yet. Will keep you posted ;-)