Friday, 26 September 2014

One Cold Rainy Day (Part 2 of 4)

Ego frowned when she saw who was calling. Trust him to be the one to add to your misery she thought crossly. She had never known a more annoying man in all of her life. The funny aspect was Mr Jake was very handsome and she used to like him a lot and dream about being his girlfriend. The first day he stopped beside her as she walked home from the bus stop and said hello she had been so giddy and flustered that she didn't realise she was incoherent until he asked if she stammered.

She had reluctantly given her number but almost died with happiness when he called later. He told her he fell in love with her the moment he saw her and though she didn't believe him the words warmed her heart and for a few days she had floated around happily that even friends had noticed and asked her why she was always absent minded and smiling. On phone she was cool with him and refused every invitation to go out or visit his house which was just down her street but she loved the attention and dreamt big dreams about becoming his woman.

That was until she saw him visit Aunty Amanda in the office and the love she felt for him suffered a landslide. That whole day she had worked in a daze trying not cry telling herself she wasn't a child and shouldn't have expected him to be unattached even though he told her many times he didn't have a girlfriend. She felt a bit of contempt for him too that he wasn't even Aunty Amanda's main man or constant visitor. It was not a good day for her love for him and it showed greatly in her responses to him when he called but he seemed not to even notice. That was strike 2. After that she became cold towards him but deep in her heart she knew the love she had had for him was still there still smoldering.

Jake heard the sadness in her voice the moment she said that nonchalant hello. Normally he ignored  or refused noticing or asking women how they were feeling. It was a recipe for bullshit he did not have time nor the patience for but not today. Today he was a desperate man. So he asked her what was wrong and refused to accept the 'nothing' she offered and 3 minutes later he was listening to her cry and try to make sense of the story of frustration she was relating. He told her he was coming over to pick her and if she didn't come out he would come in.

He drove out there immediately but wasn't sure which particular house and he wasn't sure she would come out. It was a pleasant surprise to see her peeping from a gate on the left holding a tiny umbrella. The moment she got into the car she announced she wasn't going to his house to which he promptly told her she needed air so he was talking her to the lake.

Ego looked at Mr Jake from under her lashes they were walking by the lake under a large umbrella he held in his left hand while his right hand rested loosely on her shoulders and he kept telling her that things would be fine. She had never seen or thought of him as a caring person and felt touched and happy and grateful that someone understood what she was going through.

E : The rain is splashing on your jeans
J : See how you care about me? It splashed on your beautiful legs but its this jeans you are concerned with
E : (laughing) I can rinse my legs easily but you don't look like someone who likes washing
J : Ok today I will wash your legs and wash this jeans and mop the mud we take home

He said it in a carefree tone, things were going fine and he didn't want her slipping back to her usual reluctant manner.

E : (Her tone becoming serious and low) I am not going to your house

Jake stopped and turned to look at her holding the umbrella with both hands and lifting it high above them. She looked down twisting her hands

J : Look at me. Are you afraid of me? Do you think I would hurt you have I tried to force you to do anything? Look at me

Reluctantly she looked up at him and shook her head.

J : Then come and visit me if after 5 minutes you don't like it I will take you home.....I don't want to be arrested for giving you a cold in this

She smiled and slowly nodded.

Her heart was beating madly she wasn't sure she was getting enough oxygen when they got back into the car and even though he kept changing CDs and asking her which she liked it was a strained drive back to his house. It was a huge house just as she had imagined and she stood off by the door until he came and dragged her walking her straight into his bedroom when he felt her start to pull back he told her to go into the bathroom lock the door add a chair if she wanted and take a hot shower while he fixed her a cup of tea.
She looked at him unsure, he pulled at her hand gently leading her into the bathroom

J : Just drop your dress into the dryer and by the time you are done it will be dry and you can wear it. I promise I won't break down the door I promise I won't even come back into the room until you come out to the sitting room ok?

Without waiting for a reply he turned and walked out closing the door behind him. Ego stood there confused and  wondering what to do next. Then she locked the door and turned around to look at the bathroom. She felt cold and a hot shower sounded like a very good idea.

Jake thought he was just about due for an award as Mr Patient. There was a bit of fun in this cat and mouse game but he was really getting bored now. He went into the guest bathroom and showered then returned to the kitchen to get the tea going.

The first thing the girl said to him when she came out of the room was
"You have a girlfriend" and immediately he denied it wondering what she had seen to bring that on.
"Yes you do....Aunty Amanda!"
"Amanda?... lol, She is my cousin....why did you say that"
"Your cousin?....I saw you in her office,  I work there"
" Yes she is my that what you thought that I have a girlfriend?"

Feeling shy and stupid she nodded. He came to her and hugged her and though she hung her hands by her side she didn't try to move away. Which he counted as a good sign. Amanda his cousin! Hilarious.  One had to think on his feet though. He hoped that was the end of the Amanda angle.

"Come sit down let me get you a cup of tea its really cold"

When Ego woke up it was already getting dark.

One Cold Rainy Day (Part 1 of 4)

Jake was thoroughly bored. Nothing worse than waking up to a cold cold rainy Saturday with nothing to do. It was well into the day but the rain that had started before his alarm went off by 6am showed no sign of relenting. It was cold and he was bored and lonely. He thought about Amanda and wondered what she was doing....probably someone or the other. He had never come across a girl that lied so much but funnily he admired her greatly. She was a fantastic lover cook and home keeper if you could get her to stay still for a bit. Although she was also the most promiscuous human he had ever met he felt she would make a good wife. After marrying her of course he would have to cure her of a few things....he smiled at the thought.

Then sighed. How did that help this hard-on. He had tried calling 3 other girls but it seemed it was ignore Jake Saturday. The only one that picked up the phone said she was on her way to visit her sick mum. This was a girl that asked him for money if she needed to go visit a friend in the same city but conveniently forgot to collect transport to go see a sick mother....hadn't she collected money to go bury her mum once? He wasn't sure maybe it wasn't her. But it sure was Ignore Jake Saturday.

That was when he remembered Ego. That slip of a girl that always paid no attention to his advances. When it didn't irritate him it amused him that it was a mere 22 year old that was taking him for such a ride. She returned his gifts, and ignored him after saying Hello when she saw him. She would take his calls and answer hmm, yes, no till he got tired and cut off the line. She wasn't even in the league of his usuals. He wondered what the silly girl was up to now and picked up his phone.

Ego laid in bed trying not to cry. The endless rain was adding to her annoyance and sorrow. All her friends were in the university all of them and here she was still unable to get a credit in Mathematics on her fourth attempt. Sometimes she felt there was a plot against her how come it was the same Mathematics she always managed to fail was it harder than the Physics that she had once gotten a B in? All she wanted was a C even a 6 would do fine but not even a pass it was another F staring at her. What would she do she thought frantically.

She didn't want to work as tea-girl all her life despite the fact that the expatriates she worked with paid well and had given her accommodation. She wanted to be like Aunty Amanda dress sharply and be a top executive.....ok she didn't want to have so many men visiting her in her office when she got one but she did want to be intelligent like Aunty Amanda. She was kind too and always laughing and happy. She had even taught her how to add slices of cucumbers and make a glass of water seem like something else and also a dash of ginger into tea. People appreciated that and she got tips. It was very doubtful that the woman had started with 4 failed WAEC attempts Ego thought miserably pulling her blanket around her shoulders and watching the rain through the window. That was when she heard her phone ringing.